Trunk, Tail, Ears or Wings?

Carnival creates itself from all sorts of things!

This is "Carnival of the Animals" but not as we know it. Dissected for body part potential to create the "ultimate animal" we take inspiration from the music by Camille Saint-Saëns, a little help from Charles Darwin and a whole lot of cardboard to mash up a show full of puppet possibility.

Inspiration and delight for everyone from 4 to 104.

“That was the most creative show I

have ever seen. Really inspiring!”


Having performed involved stories with lots of text over the last few years, we have been looking to produce a show that puts the real magic of puppetry at the forefront. After all, puppetry is a very visual form of theatre.

Puppetry movement and invention supported by a fantastic musical score, an exploration of the material of cardboard and a Lempen-Style framework are the ingredients of the show. We hope to leave our audiences inspired by both the animal theatricality of the carnival music and the creative potential of the simple cardboard box.


Saint-Saëns' “Carnival of the Animals” - Lempen-Style!

Touring since 2016

“Lempen Puppet Theatre Company always makes things magic - a very special quality!”

Rachel Feldberg, Ilkley Literature Festival

“Very clever animals and variety.  I loved the swan and the  underwater scene particularly!”

Story:       Liz and Daniel Lempen

Puppets:   Liz Lempen

Direction:    Mark Whitaker

Music:      "The Carnival of the Animals"

                by Camille Saint-Saëns

Duration:      45 minutes.

Suitability:   4+/Family  

Special thanks to:

Loz Kaye (musical advisor)

The Boo (rehearsal space)

Clare Danek (photography)

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