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Puppeteer Frank Norman Stein is busy rehearsing his new show "George the Dragon Slayer" but he's finding it really difficult with his badly made puppets that keep falling apart! Taking inspiration from the scientist Dr Frankenstein, and with the help of the audience he creates a new real live puppet that is destined to change his life forever!

 Creature George emerges from the workshop, innocent and willing to learn, but Frank is so intent on his rehearsal that he neglects to look after his new child.

A little horror for little horrors! A treat not to be missed! Little Frankenstein will tickle the imagination of everyone from 5 to 105 years old.

Duration:            50 minutes.

Suitability:          5+/Family  

Puppets / Play:  Liz & Daniel Lempen

Direction:           Martin Bachmann

Music:                 Loz Kaye

Special thanks to: Vanessa Card (props) and Horse + Bamboo Theatre (rehearsal space)

Apart from touring all over the UK, 'Little Frankenstein' has also been performed internationally as ‘Klein Frankenstein’ in:

GERMANY:           2018  Saarbrücken, Kleines Theater im Rathaus

AUSTRIA:            2017  39. Internationale Puppentheater Tage, Mistelbach

GERMANY:           2016  33. Pole Poppenspäler Festival, Husum

GERMANY:           2016  18. Elbe-Elster Puppentheater Festival

GERMANY:           2016  4. Int. Figurentheaterfestival, Kloster Haydau. Morschen

SWITZERLAND:   2015  Marionetten Theater im Waaghaus, Winterthur

LIECHTENSTEIN: 2015  School Tour

SWITZERLAND:   2015  Berner Puppentheater, Bern

- “It was great when the audience got

involved with creating George.”


- “Enjoyable bonkers performance!”


- “It was very funny, thank you!”


- “Awesome!”


Touring since 2014

“There is some suspense as the electricity flows across the stage and the audience-created thunderstorm brings Creature George to life. But it’s once the puppeteer disappears off-stage and the Creature really does appear to move, unaided, that the magic really starts. He really takes control of the show, much to the audience’s delight. The puppetry in these final scenes is expert, in particular a comic fight between George and the dragon in which Creature George creates a gentler ending for the traditional slayer tale”.

    Nicola Yeeles,


“Daniel Lempen is a lively entertainer and he has a highly unusual face, which makes you believe that he really could be a frustrated puppet scientist. He has a great rapport with the audience and the kids seem engaged every step of the 55 minutes”.

Becky Condron, Bristol Festival of Puppetry