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Touring since 2012

A show made in partnership between Lempen Puppet Theatre

and The Marine Conservation Society

This production is part of the

Marine Conservation Society’s

educational programme.

The sea is all around us but we  

know so little about her life.

McManus, an old fisherman from Fisherman’s Cove has seen it all. When he was young the fishing was good and the sea teaming with life. Now he’s old, sad and grumpy and spends his days sitting on the rocks lamenting the good old days. But his granddaughter Jo has found something at the beach - a special pearl - and all may not be lost ...

This is the story of a fisherman’s love, and a precious gift that gives him knowledge of the creatures below the waves. A comic, tragic, yet hopeful telling of a story that affects us all.


With puppetry, mask, storytelling and animation for everyone over the age of 5.

“A wonderful, captivating performance using

A wide range of techniques. The message came across really well

and was beautifully presented. Puppets and visuals stunning!”

Michael Brett

“Lempen Puppets gave us a unique, thought-provoking start to our ‘sustainability’ topic. It was a fun and entertaining one-woman show depicting the destruction and decline of our oceans and sea-life.”

Y6 teacher at Kingsway Primary School, Goole

“Another amazing show which engaged our children. Beautiful

puppets, lovely music and a thought provoking theme.”

Mrs Boocock, High Bentham Primary

“This was an imaginative and informative show. A fantastic blend

of different media and beautifully done. Thank you!”

Avril Hales

Suitability:     5+ / families

Duration:       50 minutes (+ 20min educational talk if required)

Direction:      Alison Duddle of Horse+Bamboo Theatre

Puppets:       Liz Lempen

Set/Scenery: Liz+Daniel Lempen

Music:          Loz Kaye

+ thanks to:  Joan Murray, Vanessa Card, Christina Eddowes

Fisherman and Pearl Tour Pack 2020.pdf

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